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How long does it take to break a habit?

How long does it take to break a habit?

Hey friends!  Today my post is about breaking habits.  If you know me well you have seen me try one of my diets or strategies to lose weight.  If you know me really well you know that I have tried to lose pounds using these random strategies and, well, failed. Whether it was my wedding bod weight loss strategies, 30 day smoothie bust (lasted two days) or my boot camp attempt which resulted in a whopping 40% participation rate one thing remains true: failure.  I know failure is not the end but the beginning. My weight loss goals have been zealous for a week or two but lately I give up.  

I think the reality is we all want to accomplish great results to look, feel, and be healthy but slump back into bad habits.  So I asked the question: “How long does it take to break a habit?” There are two answers according to recent studies: 1) it takes on average 21 days to break a habit and 2) it takes 66 days to form a new habit.  There it is.  We have our answer.  

Yesterday I was at a family baby shower and noticed, in the midst of joyous conversation, that my shirt button popped open.  We all addressed it and laughed about the reality of my ever-growing “one pack.”  This experience encouraged me to reflect on my 155-pound 2015 body.  This reality compelled me to action considering that I am now in the 190’s and possibly in the worst shape of my life. I find myself ok being larger, however, I am not really happy about it.  I enjoyed wearing 31 sized pants, going out and playing ball on a whim, and just feeling good. I know I am not alone in these desires and that many of you may feel the same way.  

Tomorrow I will start a 66-day challenge and be completely transparent with you as my judge.  What am I doing?  My 66-day, get-fit challenge will consist of:

- Thirty minutes of cardio/weight training 6 days a week.

- Low/zero artificial sugars.

- Lean meats.

 - Veggies at lunch and dinner.  

 - Brown rice rather than pasta.  

- No second servings of food.  

That’s it. I am not doing anything radical.  I am going to try moderation and consistency.  Tomorrow starts day 1of 66. This evening I weighed in at 195 pounds. Follow me on this journey and even join in with me in your pursuit to lose weight and be healthy.  

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